We believe that INNER EDGE is somewhat unique among consulting firms. We seek to work as true partners with our client organizations. The role of a consultant should be to unlock the full potential of all the workers, with the goal of achieving organizational excellence. We have a very comfortable and easy going way of working with our clients, and have been told many times that our approach is a "breath of fresh air" in the consulting community.

Our organization is specifically designed to grow or contract as necessary to meet our client's needs. We have often been referred to as a "virtual" consulting firm, since our mission is not to accumulate staff, but rather to focus on the work. In addition to our principals, we maintain an extensive "consortium" of senior consultants that we select from to build the consulting staff for each specific project. Our consultants have a wide variety of specific skills, with an average of more than 20 years of consulting experience. We believe that this approach allows us to use only world class senior consultants, while maintaining the efficiency and low overhead of a small consulting firm. The key is always to achieve the best fit with our clients, provide them with the best services possible, and maintain the best economic advantage to our clients. We believe this to be a highly successful and mutually advantageous approach to the consulting partnership.



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